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Our commitment to success extends far beyond the walls of our facilities. We are serious about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and can prove it – just check out our annual CSR report to know more. We have developed a structure to ensure that our program does the right thing in different areas, including a commitment that our presence and support be beneficial to the communities in which we operate and to events we sponsor.


All requests are evaluated based on BRP’s Donation Policy, which focuses on EDUCATION, HEALTH, and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.


We are always on the look-out for opportunities where one of our product brands can be paired with innovative initiatives through which it can express our strong and unique DNA. Sponsorship requests will be evaluated according to each brand’s positioning strategies. Nonetheless, PASSION, DRIVE, INGENUITY and TRUST define the essence of BRP and we aim to support and promote these values in our sponsorships.

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Who is the person in charge of donation/sponsorship requests?

Donations are managed through corporate and local donation committees. Local donation committees are established for Canada, USA, Mexico, Austria, Finland, and for other regions in which BRP has facilities.

Sponsorships are managed by each brand, according to their annual positioning strategies and corporate sponsorship requests are evaluated by the Corporate Donation Committee. 

What type of request can we submit?

For donations, BRP focuses on three core funding areas: Education, Health, and Community development. Please read the Policy on to know more about specific objectives for each area.

For sponsorships, requests are evaluated based on each brand’s marketing strategies.

Any exclusion?

BRP does not provide funding for : 

  • Tours, expeditions, travel or accommodation for a group or an individual in a fundraising context.
  • Organizations that may pose an ethical, cultural, safety or environmental risk, or other conflict with BRP’s mission, vision, priorities, core values or leadership attributes, or go against the advancement of the goals and objectives of the company;
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, disability, religion, nationality or sexual orientation, or other, as prohibited by law;
  • Religious activities, initiatives or programs;
  • Organizations associated with tobacco, the production or distribution of alcohol, the production, distribution or promotion of firearms, gambling, or any organization or initiatives that have a potential detrimental effect on health and welfare; and
  • Political parties, organizations or politically related events.

What type of activity or event does BRP sponsor?

All sponsorship requests are evaluated based on each product brand’s annual marketing priorities and the following elements will be considered:

  • Theme and purpose of the program
  • Amount and/or vehicles requested for use, displays or giveaways
  • Media promotion opportunity
  • Scope of the project (audiences, geographic area, impact on the community)
  • Local dealer collaboration

When can we submit a request?

You can submit a request at anytime. All projects are evaluated during Donations Committee meetings. Make sure to present your project at least 3 months before the start date and allow at least 8 weeks for a response.