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Our commitment to success extends far beyond the walls of our facilities. We are serious about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and can prove it – just check out our annual CSR report to know more. We have developed a structure to ensure that our program does the right thing in different areas, including a commitment that our presence and support be beneficial to the communities in which we operate and to events we sponsor.


All requests are evaluated based on BRP’s Donation Policy, which focuses on EDUCATION, HEALTH, and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.


We are always on the look-out for opportunities where one of our product brands can be paired with innovative initiatives through which it can express our strong and unique DNA. Sponsorship requests will be evaluated according to each brand’s positioning strategies. Nonetheless, PASSION, DRIVE, INGENUITY and TRUST define the essence of BRP and we aim to support and promote these values in our sponsorships.

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