As a general rule, BRP does not provide funding for tours, expeditions, travel or accommodation by an individual in a fundraising context.

BRP, its groups, sites, business units or functions must never support the following situations or organisations:

  • Organisations that may pose an ethical, cultural, safety or environmental risk, or other conflict with BRP’s mission, vision, priorities, core values or leadership attributes, or go against the advancement of the goals and objectives of the company;
  • Organisations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, disability, religion, nationality or sexual orientation, or other, as prohibited by law;
  • Religious activities, initiatives or programs;
  • Organisations associated with tobacco, the production or distribution of alcohol, the production, distribution or promotion of firearms, gambling, or any other organisation or initiatives that have a potential detrimental effect on health and welfare; and
  • Political parties, organisations or politically related events.


For sponsorship, please contact the product brand via their website brp.com

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